5/13/15 -

"The yearly CSVA Road Check will be June 2 thru June 4. During those 3 days, inspectors will be inspecting over 17 commercial vehicles per minute throughout the country -- just an advanced notice to everyone to be ready.

    Your paperwork needs to be in order and with you and any safety items --- marker lights, tires,  May 2015 DOT inspections, ect. need to be up to code."


5/7/15 -

"From this point forward when we are having the DOT Inspection done at a repair shop, refuse to take the truck from the shop unless the shop has placed an updated DOT sticker on the truck – preferably on the outside of the driver door – and has given you a copy of the inspection paperwork. We are seeing too many trucks that do not have the sticker and some that do not have the copy of the inspection paperwork."



4/28/15 - New Details about the photo contest are decided!! and changes are as follows!

               1. We have raised the amounts of perdiem awarded to winners. They are now

                      - $80 for Lead and Driver 1st Place winner

                      - $60 for 2nd place driver

                      - $40 for 3rd place driver

               2. In addition to the new increased prizes, we will now be running the contest

                  EVERY month.

                     - Months over 50% Occupancy will have a lead winner and 1st, 2nd, 3rd place for


                     - Months less that 50% Occupancy will have one 1st place winner

             Make sure you check out the contest under the photos tab for more info!


4/27/15 - We have decided to Revamp the photo contest and increase the prize amount :)

Details coming soon!



4/15/2015 - Emily Fritz, our new dio Marketing Manager, now has an active facebook page and twitter for do it outdoors! Please go like and follow and keep up with what your fellow drivers are doing all over the country