While out on a campaign, you may require money for a business expense.  To request funds, contact Tim Piester or Bronson Faher.



There are three ways to make a request:

                        1.) E-mail Tim, Bronson, or Jon

                        2.) Text Tim, Bronson, or Jon

                        3.) Notify your Lead Driver and they will pass the message along

Plan Ahead for weekends/evenings!

                        1.) Make your request by Friday at 4:00 pm

                        2.) For weekend emergencies, call the OMT person on call 

                        3)  For evening emergencies, call Tim, Bronson, or Jon

Use whichever option you prefer, however you must always provide:

                        1.) Your name

                        2.) The amount needed

                        3.) The reason for the expense 


Legitimate reasons for an expense request:

          Cleaning supplies

          Truck washes


          Parking or storage fees

          DOT log books

          Rental car fuel