1 and 2 day campaigns = Everyday! (do not leave market until you are told that you can do so by operations)  -

3 and 4 day campaigns = 1st day, and last day - (prefer every day)

5 day campaigns = 2nd day, and 5th day -

multiple week campaigns = 5th day and every week after that -



Last Minute Photo Check:

-Do you have enough photos to upload?

-Did you delete multiple photos of same location?

  (excluding photos with foot traffic in them)

-Do you have people/traffic in your photos?

-Can you clearly see the entire truck in every photo?

-Are your photos taken in front of targeted locations, when possible

-Did you delete any photos which were blurry, or taken in an empty parking lot or are irrelevant to your campaign?

(You should answer YES to all of these questions; if you did not, please go back and re-think your photo choices. Call Jon Richmond, Operations Coordinator, if you have any questions.)