• 5- Drive Time (on a campaign ONLY)

    • In a mobile advertising vehicle and running a campaign​

  • 10-Drive Time (Market-to-Market ONLY)

    • In a mobile advertising vehicle driving from one market to another. Excluding campaigns where you are requested to travel during campaign time, in which case use code 5. 

  • 15-Driver or Truck Pick up

    • Picking up/dropping off a driver at the airport​, dropping off/picking up a unit from the shop/storage/etc. DO NOT use this code when travelling to a new market to pick up a unit, only for local travel. 

  • 20-Training/Driver Meetings/Misc.

    • Driver meetings, training, uploading photos/paperwork. ​

  • 25-Travel Time (non-driving, such as flights)

    • Any time you are flying, or driving a rental car, or riding with another driver.​

  • 30-Stretching Vinyls

    • Vinyls only! ​

  • 35-Truck Maintenance

    • Do not use this for pre/post trips (use code 5, or 10) do not use if its only a quick repair during campaign time. Use this code for items such as tightening a belt, replacing a mirror, waiting at shop if quick fix. 

  • 45-Truck Wash

    • Truck wash only! ​


Your log in to the adp portal is

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