Contest Rules

How does the photo contest work? 


  • The contest will now run EVERY month effective May 2015

  • Contest will be broken up into tiers consisting of market level. 

    • Tier 1 - Major Markets/Campaigns that target major events

    • Tier 2 - Intermediate Markets/difficult major markets

    • Tier 3 - Small markets

    • Tier 4 - Optional tier for special monthly contests. 

  • There will be one winner from each tier. 

  • Only photos of campaigns ENDING in the contest month will be judged 

  • Photos are selected that meet the criteria below. "Top photos" are judged anonymously by OPS personnel. 

  • Contest prizes are given in the form of a bonus per diem.  Therefore, you must be on a campaign collecting a per diem to receive your prize.  Any Driver who wins and is not on a campaign will collect their prize the next time they are due to recieve a per diem


The Criteria: 

  • People present in the photo

  • Vinyl condition: stretched properly, free from wrinkles

  • Clean Unit

  • Full truck visible

  • Landmarks present and legible

  • Overall aesthetics of the photo: lighting, spacing, composition, clarity, etc.

  • Creativity

  • Difficulty of photo

  • Capturing target audience

  • Keeping clients best interest in mind


Extra Per Diems consist of: (Effective October, 2018)


   Over 50%        Under 50%

      $80                $40